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Food & Drugs
Dairy Products
Food Oil Analysis
Oils and fats are key elements in the taste, melting properties, shelf life, and appearance of foods.
Composite Spectra of 4 Oils (Olive, Sesame, Canola and Caesar Salad Dressing) Showing Differences Observed by NMR
Liquors Analysis
Baby Food Analysis
Overlay of all 5 baby food products showing NMR variability
Bio-Technology Applications
In situ NMR analyses of Escherichia coli fermentations
  • Analyses of the ‘mixed acid’ fermentation during grow mb-0th of Escherichia coli on glucose and citrate will be performed to identify and quantitatively estimate the concentrations of the two substrates.
  • Identification of fermentation substrates and products can be achieved by coincidence of selected diagnostic proton signals of individual compounds in the same solvent.
  • The entire course of these in situ proton measurements during grow mb-0th can be obtained automatically. The utilization and formation of the substances in the fermentation is being monitoring simultaneously, without sampling and individual analysis.
  • This versatile and rapid method for the simultaneous, direct and automatic analysis of mixtures of many compounds has the potential to be extended to routine on-line analyses of industrial fermentations.
Pathways used by E. coli ALS974 during anaerobic conversion of glucose and acetate to principally lactate and some ethanol
Quantifying Omega 3 In Fish Oil Production